Humane Mouse Removal

You may love to watch a mouse into cartoons or in someone else home, but what if you find them within your home? They are irritating creatures and have a habit of touching and tasting everything. Moreover, they will leave the dropping all over the home and will let you get sick by having contact with the dropping or by breathing in that dropping area. Furthermore, they use the urine to communicate with other mice and just imagine if your child touches the same place, it can cause serious health issues.

They also eat the wires and let them at risk of getting fire. They can eat your important papers and even clothes too. They can also disturb you at night by making scary noises or by scratching the walls. So it is important to remove them from your home as soon as possible.

Find the easy and humane way in the below to remove the mouse from your home

1- Eliminate access to food 

They may less like to live in your home if they found nothing to eat and did not get any access to food. So keep the home clean as much as possible, place the pet food into the containers that are not chewable. Do not leave any food open into the kitchen.

2- Seal your dustbin/trash properly 

Rodents, when finding nothing to eat, their last option is to find something eatable from the garbage. We did not mean that you can close the trash with a plastic bag; for mice, it is very easy to chew the plastic bag to get access to the garbage. Seal the trash properly, so they did not get any way to enter it.

3- Do not leave any pet food outside

People who think they can only like to eat human food, they are wrong. They can also consume the food that is left by pets like a cat or dog. Remove the food when your pets are done with the food and place them in non-chewable containers.

4- Use of unpleasant scents to remove mouse

You must be thinking there is there any smell that can repel the mouse? Yes, there is!!! The smell of peppermint is disliked by the rats. Use the peppermint spray or scent near to the places that are most affected by the mouse. The place that contains peppermint spray, mice will never visit that place ever again.

5- Use of trap 

You are using any way that takes time to kill any animal in considered an inhumane way. Use techniques that can kill them instantly like by using a live trap, you can get rid of them easily. Just place these traps where you find the fresh dropping or their nest. Bait the trap with peanut butter to get quick results.

6- Seal all the entry points

Once the mice have left home, or you have removed them safely, its time to seal all the entry points like gaps or cracks into the walls. Seal them properly to avoid this situation in the future.

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